Xiaomi Plans to Enter US Market Before 2018 Ends

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    Chinese electronics manufacturer, Xiaomi, has started to make a name for itself in the global smartphone industry. As a matter of fact, Xiaomi has earned its position as the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer across its Asian market. But despite these, the company has not yet been able to enter the US market. Now, it looks like the company is working at getting its smartphone products into the US market before the year ends.

    As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese company is planning on bringing its smartphones into US soil. The Chairman of the company, Lei Jun, was quoted saying that the company had always considered entering the US market. The executive pointed out that their goal is to enter the market before 2018 ends or early 2019.

    Right now, the Chinese brand sells a selection of products in the country; one of which is the Mi TV, an Android TV set-top box currently available in different Walmart retail stores throughout the country. In November, the company also started offering some products on its online store and on Amazon. These products include a couple of headphones, a 360-degree camera, a battery pack, and a robot coding kit.

    When it successfully enters the US market, Xiaomi will be able to offer some of its value Android smartphone devices. One of the models US customers can look forward to is the Mi A1, which is considered as the best value Android smartphone available for only $ 215.

    There could be a threat to Xiaomi’s sales when its products start entering the US market though. Just a few weeks ago, executives from the NSA, CIA, and FBI sent out a warning about using products and services manufactured by Huawei and ZTE, two tech giants from China. Since 2014, Huawei has been banned from bidding for US government contracts. AT&T even backed out of a planned deal in January, where it was supposed to start selling Huawei devices. The Chinese manufacturer planned to offer is latest Mate 10 Pro flagship device in the US through AT&T. But just before the scheduled announcement could be made, the carrier canceled the agreement.

    With Xiaomi’s case, things are (hopefully) looking up. Most notably, a number of non-smartphone Xiaomi products are already available in the US. It could mean that the Chinese brand could have better luck than its rivals. But then again, Xiaomi’s success in the US market will depend largely on carriers.

    Source: Android Police

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