Xfinity Mobile Now Accepts BYOD for iPhones

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    Back in August 2017, Xfinity Mobile announced that it will be accepting Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and trade-ins. Although this option was slated to become available in the later part of the year, it took the Verizon MVNO some time to launch. Well, it is for the iPhone market.

    Earlier today, a post on Howard Forums broke the news about the Comcast-owned MVNO now accepting select Apple unlocked iPhones. Starting today, interested individuals can bring in their device for in-store activation of a new line. This option is available to new or existing service on iPhone products.

    The post on the forum was further confirmed on the company’s website. When checking if an iPhone is suitable for BYOD to the service, this will depend on the specific iPhone model and carrier. According to the website, all iPhones starting from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone X are compatible with the network. This, however, will depend on the carrier your phone is from.

    If you are interested in checking whether or not your iPhone can be used with the service, you can head to the nearest Xfinity store to have it checked with a specialist. The specialist will make sure everything is working fine with your device before giving the go-signal. If it is, the specialist will be the one to sign you up and activate your phone.

    Before you bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile, you should have an unlocked device. An Xfinity Mobile agent can also help determine your device’s lock status. You can then choose from one of the data options offered by the MVNO: By the Gig or Unlimited. Xfinity Mobile does not charge any line access fees or activation fees when you bring your device. Plus, your SIM card is complimentary. When you get your bill, you will only be charged of taxes and charges for the data option you selected.

    As of this writing, Xfinity Mobile is still working at enabling interested individuals to bring in their Android devices to the network. So this means that this is not yet an option available at this time.

    Xfinity Mobile is only available to Comcast fixed broadband customers.

    Source: Xfinity, HowardForums

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