Walmart Ups Verizon Prepaid Bonus Data to 2 GB

  • Since October, 2016, Verizon and Walmart have been running a promotion that gives bonus data to customers using a Verizon Prepaid phone or SIM that was purchased at Walmart. The bonus was originally 2 GB, but last July it was cut back 1 GB. Based on the photo above, which a Prepaid Phone News reader snapped at his local Walmart, it’s been increased to 2 GB again, at least on the $ 50 plan. In addition a Howard Forums member on the $ 50 plan confirmed that his bonus increased from 1 GB to 2 GB recently.

    Verizon Prepaid  $ 50 plan customers with phones or SIMs purchased at Walmart and activated on a new line of service after October, 2016 are supposed to automatically receive the bonus data.

    Customers on both the $ 50 7GB plan and the $ 60/month 10 GB plan were eligible for the old 1 GB Walmart bonus. The new signage at Walmart only lists the $ 30, $ 40 and $ 50 plans and only shows the 2 GB bonus on the $ 50 plan. There’s no mention of the $ 60 plan, so I’m not sure if it’s getting the bonus or not. If you have a $ 60 Verizon Prepaid plan with the Walmart bonus, please leave a comment indicating how much bonus data you are getting.

    Here are all of Verizon Prepaid’s current smartphone plans:

    • $ 30/month – unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 500 MB at high speeds.
    • $ 40/month (additional lines $ 30) – unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 3 GB at high speeds.
    • $ 50/month  (additional lines $ 35) – unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 7 GB (9 GB for Walmart customers) at high speeds.
    • $ 60/month (additional lines $ 40) – unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 10 GB (? GB for Walmart customers) at high speeds.
    • $ 75/month (additional lines $ 55) – unlimited voice, messaging and high speed data 

    All plans include unlimited text to 200+ international destinations. The $ 60 and $ 75 plans also include unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.  On the non-unlimited plans, the throttled data speed after the high speed allotment is 128 kbps and  unused high-speed data rolls over to the next month (Walmart bonus data does not roll over). Hotspot use is permitted on all plans. On the $ 75 plan, hotspot is throttled to 600 kbps. On all plans, video streaming is degraded to 480p and prepaid users data speeds and availability are prioritized below that of postpaid customers when the network is congested.  For more information see our Prepaid Operator Profile: Verizon post.

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