Virgin Mobile Brings Back 6 Months of Inner Circle Service for $1/Month Promotion

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    Early this year, Virgin Mobile announced that it was turning into an iPhone-only wireless network provider. Along with this announcement, the Sprint prepaid brand launched a promotion where they offered one year of service for only $ 1. Yes, you read that right. One year for $ 1.

    The promotion was slated to end on July 31st. But because of the public’s demand, it was extended twice– the first extension was until August 31st and then the company decided to extend it again for another month. On September 30th, Virgin made the announcement official, indicating that the $ 1 for one-year promotion under the Inner Circle service has ended.

    In its place, Virgin announced that they will still be offering a six-month service for $ 1/month. Around this time, the company also dropped the price on certain iPhone models such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 32GB, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the pre-owned iPhone 6s.

    Less than a couple of months later, Virgin changed up that promotion once again. Instead of getting six months of service for $ 1/month, the company announced a new offer. When you buy an iPhone from them, you’ll automatically get two months of service for free. Once the free two-month period is over, a regular monthly rate of $ 50 will be applied; not including taxes.

    Although the prepaid brand disclosed that the promotion was available for a limited time, they did not specify how long that period will be. And just a few weeks after this promotion was announced, it looks like Virgin Mobile is bringing back the previous offer. Whether you buy an iPhone from Virgin Mobile or choose to bring your own, your first 6 months of service will only be $ 1/month.

    Once the 6th month is over, the monthly price for the service will be $ 50/month. This includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data; without taxes. AutoPay is also required. The plan includes mobile-optimized video streaming at up to 480p+ resolution, music streaming at up to 500 kbps, and streaming cloud gaming at up to 2mbps. Data deprioritization occurs during network congestion.

    There’s no word on when this particular promotion will end so make sure you check Virgin Mobile’s website for more updates.

    Source: Virgin Mobile

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