Verizon Prepaid Running Double Data for Life Promotion

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    Verizon went through a sales testing phase of its prepaid service last year via its exclusive dealers. It looks like some of those dealers are ready to make the experience better for their customers as they have started to offer double data for life across all high speed data Verizon Prepaid plans.

    Here are the special pricing for dealers under Vidapay platform:

    • $ 30/month – includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data (before 0.5 GB)
    • $ 40/month – includes unlimited talk, text, and 6GB of 4G LTE data (before 3GB)
    • $ 50/month – includes unlimited talk, text, and 14GB of 4G LTE data (before 7GB)
    • $ 60/month – includes unlimited talk, text, and 20GB of 4G LTE data (before 10GB) + unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada
    These plans all come with data carryover, mobile hotspot, and unlimited international texting to more than 200 countries. Only one billing cycle is allowed for data carryover and requires on time payments or autopay enrollment. Video streaming under these plans is limited to 480p resolution. Data deprioritization is practiced during times of heavy network traffic. 
    There is an option to get up to 5 lines for each of these plans. They also come with multi-line discounts, except for the $ 30 plan. The discount for lines 2-5 are: $ 10 per month ($ 40 plan), $ 15 per month ($ 50 plan), and $ 20 per month ($ 60 plan). 
    Apart from the double data promotion, independent dealers are currently offering these phones for free or with a discount: 
    • Apple iPhone 6 – $ 170 after a $ 15 rebate (regular price: $ 199)
    • LG Optimus Zone 3 – Free after $ 35 rebate (regular price: $ 69.99)

    Although no end date was announced, Verizon Prepaid’s double data promotion is available for a limited time only. Those who sign up for a plan can enjoy double data for life as long as they don’t deactivate or port out their line.

    Source: BestMVNO

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