Verizon Lands Top Spot on Wirefly’s Latest Speed Test

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    There’s a number of groups that regularly pin the four major U.S. carriers against each other. The most recent test conducted by Wirefly was to determine the speeds that each of these carriers put up.

    And according to the results of the latest Wirefly Speed Test Report, it looks like the carrier with the fastest overall speeds in the country is Verizon. The wireless network produced an average overall speed of 19.92Mbps. Next to Verizon was AT&T with 18.26Mbps, T-Mobile with 17.29Mbps, and Sprint with 14.77Mbps.

    The Speed Test covered the period of Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 in order to compare the download and upload speeds of the four big carriers. Comparing the latest results of the Speed Test with the Q1 and Q2 2017, it shows that Verizon really pushed itself to gain the top spot. Back then, the winner of the Speed Test was T-Mobile followed by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, accordingly.

    The speeds gathered are based on the Overall Speed Capability that Wirefly collected. This gave each carrier a 90 percent weight for download speed and a 10 percent weight for upload speed.

    Judging on the results of the download speeds of the Speed Test, Verizon took the first spot with an average download speed of 20.44Mbps. AT&T followed closely with 19.11Mbps, next came T-Mobile with 18.08Mbps. Sprint took the last spot with 15.60Mbps.

    As for the fastest upload speed, Verizon also took this spot with an average speed of 15.26Mbps.

    Are these speeds consistent to what you are experiencing with your carrier?

    Source: PhoneDog

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