Users Experiencing Battery Draining on Latest iOS 11.4 Update

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    Last month, Apple released its latest iOS 11.4 update intended for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The new update brought about some really interesting new features to iOS, particularly on iCloud with Messages and AirPlay 2 support. Despite the new update, it looks like there is a downside to it especially its battery.

    Earlier today, a number of iOS users sought assistance on Apple’s support forum. Using the forum, users reported several battery issues they encountered after they updated their device to run the latest iOS version. Looking at the reports sent by users, it appears that the issue is affecting a variety of iPhone models. Affected models include the iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and even the iPhone X.

    Several of the complaints showed that iOS 11.4 was draining the battery of certain iPhone models by 20-25 percent. Even users who have done a battery replacement a few months ago have encountered the battery draining issue after updating their OS.

    iOS 11.4 update went live on May 29th throughout the world. One of the biggest features added to this iteration include the ability to store messages in iCloud. In doing so, users were able to keep their messages safe and backed up in the event that their iPhone or iPad broke down. The update also introduced new improvements to how the new HomePod smart speaker can be controlled.

    Despite these improvements, users have been unhappy with how quickly the new update has been draining their battery life. Yet strangely, a small number of users have reportedly experienced an improvement in their battery performance. These users have noticed the improved battery performance ever since they updated their device.

    As of this writing, Apple has not yet made a comment on these reported issues users are experiencing with the latest iOS 11.4 update. A “Community Specialist” on the forum has responded with links to articles on repair costs and iPhone batteries. However, no precise solution has been provided. Some users have advised on turning off WiFi so that battery draining can be prevented. There are others who point out switching to a 2.4GHz network instead of 5GHz network can help. Other users opted to roll back to the previous iOS build, iOS 11.3.1.

    Hopefully, Apple releases a fix to this solution real soon.

    Source: BGR

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