UNREAL Mobile Has a New $8 Wi-Fi Service for Everyone

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    In a time where smartphones play a vital role in our daily lives, it’s important to stay connected. With just a swipe on your mobile phone, you have access to just about any sort of information you may need.

    But how do you stay connected without worrying about overages? This is where FreedomPop’s UNREAL Mobile steps in.

    The MVNO (operating under Sprint’s networks) has unveiled a new unlimited mobile Wi-Fi service that aims to do just that. With this service, users are able to get Wi-Fi connection wherever they are for only $ 8 per month. What’s even better is that this low-cost service can offer Wi-Fi hotspot to connect up to eight devices at a time, including other smartphones, laptops, or smart TVs; for only $ 20.

    Samantha Lewe, UNREAL Mobile’s general manager, shares that this Wi-Fi service addresses the needs of “60 million Americans who either don’t have access or can’t afford broadband internet right now.” While other operators are focusing on 5G (which is not yet available), the MVNO hopes to address the connectivity needs of customers across the nation right now.

    Both the service and hotspot device can be purchased at UNREAL Mobile’s website while supplies last. The good news is that you don’t have to be an UNREAL Mobile customer to get this service or hotspot device. The MVNO welcomes all customers regardless of their current cellular provider.

    Source: UNREAL Mobile

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