U.S. DoJ to Get the Opinion of MVNOs Regarding Sprint-T-Mobile Merger

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    The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) is currently probing how the T-Mobile and Sprint merger could affect the smaller wireless operators that frequently purchase network access from the networks of major carriers. The interrogation is part of the government agency’s antitrust examination, which asks their opinion on the merger.

    The report comes from Reuters, who earned a confirmation from Ultra Mobile and Mint Mobile CEO David Glickman. According to the CEO, the DoJ asked to speak with him about the merger. No further information was given to him.

    Boost Mobile’s founder and former CEO Peter Adderton was “encouraged” to learn that the opinions of smaller operators are not being taken for granted and ignored. Adderton previously said that if this merger is approved, both “Boost Mobile and MetroPCS (T-Mobile) unit should be spun off before the merger is finalized.” 

    Otherwise, this could give the new T-Mobile extreme dominance or monopoly in the category. When this happens, it could increase prices, create onerous terms and conditions, and also lower service quality. Since there have been concerns on how this merger could create problems for smaller operators and their customers, it is something that the DoJ needs to go into very carefully.

    The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint still requires regulatory approval before it can take place. With the DoJ getting the opinions of smaller operators, it could make things a lot clearer and also turn this into a Win-Win situation for either parties. And considering there are several small wireless providers that use the networks of T-Mobile and Sprint for service, their opinions should matter.

    Source: TmoNews

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