Twigby Makes Changes to Phone Plans, Extends Up to $40 off Phone Sale

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    Twigby, a Sprint-powered MVNO, has made some changes to its cell phone plans. The new announcement includes free international text messaging to more than 180 countries. This, however, does not include multimedia MMS messages.

    In addition to the changes to its phone plans, the MVNO has extended the up to $ 40 off phone sale that it previously offered. Not only that, new customers will still be receiving 50% off on their first two months of service.

    Unlike other MVNOs, Twigby gives its customers a chance to build their own phone plan with the add ons they require. The first thing they have to consider is how many minutes they want their plan to include. And if needed, they can purchase a data add-on package to the plan they have selected.

    Twigby Phone Plan Changes

    Voice Packages

    • 200 minutes for $ 9/month
    • 500 minutes for $ 11/month
    • 1000 minutes for $ 13/month
    • Unlimited minutes for $ 15/month
    Data Add-On Packages

    • 150 MB for $ 3/month
    • 500 MB for $ 6/month
    • 1 GB for $ 10/month
    • 2 GB for $ 15/month
    • 4 GB for $ 25/month

    The voice packages offered by Twigby already include unlimited domestic and global texting. As for the data packages, they include 2G data as soon as the high speed allotment has been used up.

    The prices shown here do not yet include taxes and fees. They cost extra.

    50% off Promotion

    Twigby is giving its new customers 50% off on their first two months of service. According to the MVNO, users who have already used the 50% off promotion will not be able to use it again. The discount is only available once to each phone MEID number. A total of 5 discounts can be used by each person/account or household.

    With this 50% off promotion in place, you can get big savings on your phone plan. Twigby’s phone plan packages will look like this:

    Voice Packages

    • 200 minutes for $ 9/month – $ 4.50 for first two months
    • 500 minutes for $ 11/month – $ 5.50 for first two months
    • 1000 minutes for $ 13/month – $ 6.50 for first two months
    • Unlimited minutes for $ 15/month – $ 7.50 for first two months
    Data Add-On Packages

    • 150 MB for $ 3/month – $ 1.50 for first two months
    • 500 MB for $ 6/month – $ 3 for first two months
    • 1 GB for $ 10/month – $ 5 for first two months
    • 2 GB for $ 15/month – $ 7.50 for first two months
    • 4 GB for $ 25/month – $ 12.50 for first two months

    Twigby Phone Sale

    The last announcement made by the MVNO is that it was extending its up to $ 40 off phone sale. Instead of the original end date, the promotion will run until March 19, 2018. You can choose from the 20 different phones being offered by the MVNO. Some of the phones available include the iPhone 7, Motorola E4, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S7, and the Alcatel Cinch. 
    Source: BestMVNO
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