TPO Mobile Planning to Shut Down US Operations

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    The People’s Operator (TPO) has unveiled some bad news to its US-based customers.

    Unfortunately, things are not looking good for the MVNO; whose goal was to give a portion of their customer’s bill to their chosen charity instead of spending this on marketing.

    Earlier today, the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO published a press release on UK website, Proactive Investors. The release contained information about the MVNO’s latest decision and the reasons for behind it.

    According to the release, the MVNO is looking at ending its US operations to focus on its growing UK market. The MVNO shared that the UK market has seen continuous growth since February. Despite this, the company experienced a net decline brought about by their US subscriber numbers.

    As of this writing, nothing has been made official yet. The Board is still negotiating terms with a third party where their US customer base can migrate to once the company decides to proceed. No definitive documents have been signed and there is still no guarantee that this deal will be completed, especially since the deal may include a cash payment for every transferred customer.

    If TPO Mobile pushes through with this decision, they will be shutting down their US operations. This includes their small New York office and the customer service operations, legal, and compliance functions the company has outsourced.

    You can read the full release here.

    Source: NWIDA

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