TextNow Unveils New Plans With More Data

  • TextNow, a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO, has revamped its plan lineup. Here’s what has and hasn’t  changed:

    • No changes to the $ 9.99 talk and text only plan.
    • The $ 19.99 plan now comes with 2 GB of high speed data instead of 1.5 GB.
    • The $ 27.99 plan with 3 GB of high speed data has been replaced with a $ 29.95 plan with 5 GB of high speed data. Additional lines of this plan are $ 22.99.
    • The $ 39.99 plan, which used to include 5 GB of high speed data now comes with “Unlimited* LTE” data. Additional lines are $ 29.99.
    • The $ 59.99 plan with 10 GB of high speed data has been discontinued

    *TextNow is calling the new $ 39.99 plan an “Unlimited LTE” plan but their website says “Users who exceed 23GB/mo will experience reduced speeds until the next cycle.” It’s common for carriers to advertise unlimited high speed data plans that are subject to de-prioritization after 22 to 50 GB. However de-prioritization only slows data speeds during times of network congestion. TextNow’s wording indicates that data after 23 GB will be throttled at all times rather than de-prioritized.

    All TextNow plans include unlimited calls and messaging to the US and Canada plus calling and messaging with your TextNow number from a computer, tablet or other phone along with conference calling, group texting, caller ID, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding.

    Like Republic Wireless or FreedomPop, TextNow is primarily a data-only service with most calling and messaging handed by an app. TextNow sells modified phones which use the Sprint network. Custom Elastic Calling software installed on these phones makes VoIP calls over WiFi or carrier data if possible. If data is unavailable or data quality is too low for a VoIP call, the TextNow software falls back to using cellular voice. If you have concerns about whether VoIP based calling or Sprint coverage will work for you. TextNow offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on phones.

    TextNow also lets customers use their own Sprint or T-Mobile compatible phones and install a TextNow app to make VoIP calsl and send messages over WiFi or cellular data. Fallback to cellular is not available with customer supplied phones. TextNow service is on the native network of either T-Mobile or Sprint, depending on the device or BYOP SIM you are using.

    Source TextNow via BestMVNO.

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