Tello Drops Phone Plan Prices Up to 35%

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    Nowadays, the demand for wireless prepaid services has increased immensely in the recent months. Part of the reason for this demand can be attributed to Tello Mobile, a mobile provider specializing in prepaid services, and its flexible custom plans and huge savings. It looks like the Sprint MVNO is not yet done with its big offers.

    Earlier today, the MVNO announced a new line up offering where customers can get up to 35% off on the cost of a phone plan. Since Tello’s plans are customizable, the price of the plan will depend on the price of the plan.

    The phone plans offered by Tello start at $ 5 per month. This plan includes 100 minutes, free texts, but no data. The highest tier, however, is the plan that includes unlimited minutes, free texts, and 10GB of data for only $ 39 per month. The phone plan prices on Tello’s website already includes the discount.

    Apart from offering up to 35% discount on the price of its phone plans, Tello has brought in an option of going with 4GB data on their plan.

    The discount is applicable to both new and existing Tello customers. For existing customers, the benefits take effect right away. Meanwhile, the lower price starts at the next billing period.

    A good thing about Tello’s cell phone plans is that these can be upgraded, renewed, or downgraded at any time, and without any charges. Each plan also includes free calls to Canada, Mexico, and China; as well as other features like unlimited text, voicemail, and tethering.

    Source: Tello Mobile

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