Tello Dropped Its Plan Prices… Again!

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    Just before the year ends, Tello has once again dropped the prices on its phone plans. The last time they made changes to their plans was in October. And now it looks like the Sprint MVNO is doing its best to give their customers the best value for their money.

    With today’s changes, Tello’s phone plans priced above $ 17 have been reduced by up to $ 6. One such example is their plan that includes 500 minutes and 3GB of 4G LTE data. Before today’s price drop, this plan would have cost you $ 34 per month. Effective today, this plan is now priced at $ 28 per month.

    You can play around with your plan since Tello offers Build Your Own Plan options where you are free to include as little or as much data and calls that you’ll use up in a month. By default, these plans already include unlimited data so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. They also include calls to Canada and Mexico. You only have to pay attention to these things when you’re building your plan:


    • No minutes
    • 100 minutes
    • 200 minutes
    • 300 minutes
    • 500 minutes
    • Unlimited minutes
    • No data
    • 200MB
    • 500MB
    • 1GB
    • 2GB
    • 3GB
    • 5 + 5GB Free

    Once you’ve used up your LTE data allotment, you’ll have access to unlimited 2G data.

    To learn more about the new prices, visit Tello’s website here.

    Source: Tello

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