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T-Mobile first, AT&T second in purchase experience, as phone and plan prices go way up

The latest survey of 13,000 carrier customers by renowned research firm J.D. Power shows one clear trend in 2017 – users are increasingly going

T-Mobile in feud with AT&T over the Un-carrier’s holiday video

You might recall the holiday video that T-Mobile released this year. Based on stop-action Claymation animated classics like Gumby, the video features a talking

T-Mobile calls were getting nasty static, so the FCC told a Brooklyn bitcoin miner to shut it

You can’t make some stuff up, and the FCC putting a Brooklyn bitcoin miner on notice to prevent static noise from interfering into T-Mobile

T-Mobile Warning Customers of Latest Phone Hijacking Scam

T-Mobile customers are currently being cautioned to take necessary precautions against a new scam called SIM hijacking. A representative for T-Mobile has confirmed that

Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, who did Super Bowl best?

Congrats to the Eagles on a stunning victory. And congrats to @TMobile’s network team who kept us at #1 speed at the stadium all

T-Mobile is Going Green Thanks to New Wind Power Contract

Magenta is the new green. Or green is the new Magenta… Whichever goes. In its latest release, T-Mobile has announced that it will be

Here’s What’s In Store for T-Mobile Tuesdays on January 30th

The first month of the year is coming to an end in just a few days. And along with this, it also means that

OpenSignal: T-Mobile is Leading Carrier for Mobile Network Speeds

In recent years, there has been a big reshuffling among wireless carriers and how they have done business in the country. One big change

T-Mobile Adds 1 Million Plus Total Net Customers for the 19th Consecutive Quarter

For the final quarter of 2017, T-Mobile has gained an estimated 1.9 million total net customers, and in the process recorded its 19th consecutive

T-Mobile will update its Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and Galaxy Tab E to Android 8 Oreo

T-Mobile recently revealed that it’s going to update two of its affordable Samsung devices to Android 8 Oreo: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and Samsung