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FreedomPop Offers Multi-Month Plans Where You Can Save When You Buy in Advance

FreedomPop, in its efforts to provide its customers more diverse options, has come up with a new set of multi-month plans. These plans are

Twigby Makes Changes to Phone Plans, Extends Up to $40 off Phone Sale

Twigby, a Sprint-powered MVNO, has made some changes to its cell phone plans. The new announcement includes free international text messaging to more than

AT&T Prepaid Replaces $65 Plan’s 3 Mbps Throttle With Anytime De-prioritization

AT&T Prepaid has changed the way it manages data on its $ 65 ($ 60 with auto-pay) unlimited data plan. Since it launched a

Xiaomi Plans to Enter US Market Before 2018 Ends

Chinese electronics manufacturer, Xiaomi, has started to make a name for itself in the global smartphone industry. As a matter of fact, Xiaomi has

Selectel Wireless Increases Data on Its Plans Again

Just a few days ago, Selectel Wireless changed the data allotment on its $ 40 monthly plan. The Verizon MVNO increased the data on

Good2GO Mobile Makes New Changes to Its Plans

It’s been a while since Good2Go Mobile has made changes to its plans. Earlier this month, however, it looks like the MVNO has decided it’s time

Xiaomi plans IPO to raise up to $100 billion

Last month, Xiaomi executive Wang Xian said that the company, rumored to be in talks with U.S. carriers, will finally establish a presence in

10% Off Red Pocket eBay Plans With New Coupon

eBay currently has a coupon that’s good for 10% off items from 111 different sellers that are priced at $ 50 or more. The

Black Wireless is Now Offering Discounted Six and 12 Month Plans

Black Wireless, an AT&T-only prepaid brand from Red Pocket Mobile, recently began offering six and 12 month versions of its monthly plans. Black Wireless

Boom Mobile Adds New Plans and More Data on Some Existing Plans

Verizon and Sprint MVNO Boom Mobile recently made a number of changes to its Red (Verizon) and Yellow (Sprint) plan lineups. There are new