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Ultra Mobile Announces New Flex Plan Monthly Rates

Ultra Mobile has just made some changes to its Flex plans. Earlier today, the T-Mobile MVNO announced that they will be increasing the monthly

Project Fi Rolling Out New Group Plan Repay Feature

Based on the findings of the Google Consumer Survey on U.S. smartphone owners conducted just last month, over 75% of adults have a wireless

T-Mobile Launches $50 10 GB Simply Prepaid Promotional Plan

T-Mobile is currently offering a new $ 50 Simply Prepaid plan that includes unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 10 GB of

Lycamobile’s $55 Plan Now Includes Unlimited, Unthrottled Data

T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile has upgraded its $ 55 plan to included unlimited, unthrottled high speed data. There are a couple caveats, however. Tethering and

AT&T Adds New $35 1 GB GoPhone Plan

AT&T Wireless has quietly updated its Prepaid Plans page. Everything is the same except that there’s a new $ 35/month plan with unlimited voice,

Straight Talk Launches a New $35 Plan, Adds More Data to its $45 and $55 Plans

TracFone has increased the amount of high speed data included with its Straight Talk smartphone plans and has also launched a new $ 35

Cricket Wireless Adds Data to $40 Plan

AT&T’s prepaid MVNO Cricket Wireless recently increased the data on its next-to-lowest cost plan in an effort to be slightly more competitive. While the

AT&T Offers New $30 Unlimited DataConnect Pass Plan for Tablets

AT&T has come up with a  new Unlimited DataConnect Pass plan for tablets. The new plan offers unlimited data, subject to de-prioritization after 22

Promotional deal from U.S. Cellular gives you a plan with 6GB of data for $40 a month

U.S. Cellular has actually begun offering a marketing strategy that supplies customers with unlimited talk, endless text, tethering and 6GB of data for just

RingPlus Opens Waitlist for Customers Wishing to Upgrade to a Better Free Plan

Freemium Sprint MVNO RingPlus has actually opened a wait list for current totally free strategy members who want to upgrade to a much better