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Tello Mobile: Make the Switch to Perfect Prepaid Phone Plans

Contracts, fees, SIMs, MVNOs, porting in and out, lines, coverage. The hunt for the best deals in terms of a wireless carrier can be

Xfinity Mobile Wants You to Do a “Phone Cleanse”

With the many complexities of life nowadays, it is important to take time out for yourself. For those who are trying to flush out

Forget cookies, how you swipe on your phone is enough to track you

While we’re worried about websites’ excess use of cookies and apps wanting access to location information for no reason, scientists are a step ahead

These are the best microSD cards for your phone (2018)

In 1956, IBM introduced the first disk drive in the world. It was as big as a vending machine, it cost more than a

Upset over his broken phone, man drives into a Verizon store

What do you do when your smartphone breaks? While upsetting, most of us would be able to go on, making plans to either get

Xfinity Mobile Giving Cash Back on Select Phone Purchase

Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile wants you to make the switch today. If you do decide to port in and purchase a phone from the MVNO,

Analysts Believe Cable MVNOs Will Get 50% Mobile Phone Adds in Two Years

With Charter’s MVNO, Spectrum Mobile, set to be launched real soon, analysts are already making fresh assumptions on how this new entry will set a

No, the iPhone X wasn’t first to market with a notch, but neither was the Essential Phone (poll results)

Yesterday, we asked if you know which notch-y phone was first to make it to the markets worldwide, and, yes, the question included smaller-than-iPhone-X

Essential Phone updated with MQA support for top-notch sound quality

Essential is making everything in its power to prevent consumers who bought the PH-1 from being disappointed because they choose this particular phone, but

Report Shows There May Not Be An Essential Phone 2 Device At All

When the Essential Phone was unveiled almost a year ago, it showed some pretty spectacular specs. Not only that, the man behind the startup