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Watch ABBYY TextGrabber Pro 6 lift text, phone numbers, links, and addresses straight from video & TV

Digital scanning powerhouse ABBYY’s character recognition app TextGrabber has been an example of “black magic” mobile technology for a long time. If its ability

Long delayed YotaPhone 3 is announced; dual-screen phone to start at $350

Back in April, we told you to expect the YotaPhone 3 to be available for pre-orders this summer. Today, the phone was officially unveiled

Unlocked Device Users Less Loyal to Carriers, Phone Makers Compared to Owners of Locked Handsets

According to the latest Unlocked Phone Demand Report 2.0 recently released by the NPD Group, the market for unlocked devices seems to be growing.

Plex 6.0 makes it possible to play video files stored on your Android phone or tablet

The team behind Plex had been pushing new features and improvements to its application very often in the last couple of months. After bringing

Humor: The “New iPhone D” is the perfect phone to have when you’re drunk

iPhone parodies can be fairly enjoyable to watch (see here, or here), and the newest could certainly put a smile on your face. Made

Microsoft’s Upgrade Advisor app will soon help Windows Phone 8.1 users update to Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft is apparently dealing with an app that will let Windows Phone owners know whether their handset is eligible to be updated to Windows

HERE Transit pops up in the Windows Phone Store, but for Windows Phone 8.1 users only

For the time being, HERE Maps and Drive+ can not be discovered in the Windows Store, thanks to a selective bug that just affects

Google needs to push developers if it wants Android to dominate more than the phone market

Google has always had an unusual relationship with its hardware and software partners. Where Apple is viewed as something of a bully, compeling software

The Procrastinators Guide To Last Minute Prepaid Phone Shopping

Procrastinators are glad. If you put your holiday shopping off until the eleventh hour, prepaid phones and airtime cards make great presents and there’s

Google testing account sign-in using your phone not a password

Google knows that multi-factor authentication is a great way to protect somebody’s account, however it likewise knows that individuals find it to be too