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AT&T has a new BOGO deal on the Apple iPhone X for Father’s Day

This Sunday, June 17th, is Father’s Day and that traditionally means there will be some great deals on new smartphones. For example, AT&T now

Some older Apple iPhone models are experiencing rapid battery draining after iOS 11.4 update

Apple iPhone users are up in arms over the way their batteries have been draining rapidly ever since they installed iOS 11.4 on their

Boost Mobile Currently Offering Pre-Owned iPhone 6s for Only $20

Without a doubt, Apple’s iPhone devices are always an in demand model in the market. Even if they are a few years old, they

Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup could replace the Lightning port with USB Type-C

In recent times, Apple has largely encouraged the adoption of USB Type-C within the PC industry via its MacBook launches. Despite these efforts, though,

MetroPCS’ Free iPhone SE for Switchers Deal is Back

T-Mobile’s MetroPCS has resurrected a popular deal that was last offered in April. The deal gives a free iPhone SE 32 GB to customers

Buy the iPhone SE and Get a Free Month of Service from Walmart Family Mobile

Apple’s iPhone SE device has been available for quite some time now. And even though so many new iPhone models have come out, the

No, the iPhone X wasn’t first to market with a notch, but neither was the Essential Phone (poll results)

Yesterday, we asked if you know which notch-y phone was first to make it to the markets worldwide, and, yes, the question included smaller-than-iPhone-X

Conan’s “iPhone Basic” is for those with severe smartphone addiction

Amid complaints that Apple is responsible for smartphone addiction and should do something about it, the company introduced Screen Time earlier this week at

Monkey see, monkey do: Xiaomi Mi 8 to score iPhone X-like AR emoji

As a way to commemorate its 8th anniversary, Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is set to unveil its brand new flagship device on May 31.

Next-gen iPhone A12 chips enter mass production

Apple has signed up with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing) to produce the next generation of chipsets that will go on to power the iPhone