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Android O’s picture-in-picture videos now supported by Google Chrome

Admittedly, one of the cooler new features of Android O (which might be called Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie depending on who you ask) is

Google is giving away a Google Home to Pixel XL buyers, discounts cases by 50%

Looking to buy a Pixel XL? Don’t hurry to eBay, you can – finally, after all this time – do so from Google. The

Google Hangouts is getting iOS CallKit support, a couple of bug fixes

Google’s messaging and voice calling app Hangouts recently received a small update, which brings a long-awaited new feature and a few bug fixes. Hangouts

Google Chrome to get support for Brotli compression, bandwidth usage could drop by as much as 25%

While mobile devices have a lot of processing power at their disposal, the cost of online mobile communication remains pretty high, which is the

Google, Facebook and others file briefs on behalf of Samsung’s Supreme Court filing

Samsung is attempting to get the Supreme Court to hear its case including the Apple patent suits by framing them in such a way

Deal alert: the 32GB Google Nexus 5X is priced at $379 on eBay

A couple of days ago, Google slashed the cost of the LG-made Google Nexus 5X by $ 30 in exactly what appears to be

BlackBerry Virtual Expert app for the BlackBerry Priv now available in the Google Play Store

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert app is now readily available from the Google Play Store. The app will run diagnostic tests on certain parts of

Thirteen apps removed from the Google Play Store were infected with malware

Thirteen apps gotten rid of from the Google Play Store belonged to a malware chain called Brain Test. The apps looked harmless to users

Google promotes some popular iOS and Android apps on its home page

You might have observed while about to do a Google search today, that the Alphabet department is promoting its iOS and Android apps ideal

Google needs to push developers if it wants Android to dominate more than the phone market

Google has always had an unusual relationship with its hardware and software partners. Where Apple is viewed as something of a bully, compeling software