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Epic’s Fortnite end run around the Play Store could cost Google more than $50 million this year

As we’ve seen over the years, the right video game offered to smartphone users can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Google poaches one of Samsung’s best always-on display features for Android Pie

For its flagship lines, Samsung introduced wallpapers to the Always-on Display (AoD) feature that lets pertinent info stay on the AMOLED screen at all times, even

Senators want Google to shed some light on its potential China search engine

There have been rumors floating around the internet that Google is developing a version of its search engine designed to work in compliance with

LG G7 ThinQ picks up major update at Verizon, gets Google AR Stickers

If you’ve picked up an LG G7 ThinQ from Verizon, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new update available for your phone,

Google plans to release ‘proper’ Pixel 2 XL slow unlock fix with Android P

It’s almost that time of the year again, and Google certainly has a lot on its plate, putting the finishing touches to the next

Latest Wear OS app update brings speed improvements to Google Pay

LG Watch Style Coinciding with the launch of the Android P Beta 4 release that precedes the final version of Android 9.0 P, Google

Google Assistant and Alexa have trouble understanding certain accents

The Washington Post recently tested the listening acumen of the top two virtual personal assistants currently available. And we would be referring to Google

Google Cloud is back up after a brief outage; several apps, including Snapchat, were affected

The sky didn’t fall, but Google Cloud was down this afternoon, and that means that you might have experienced a problem opening several apps

European Commission prepares to hit Google with another multi-billion fine

An investigation by the European Commission of Google’s policy regarding Android and phone manufacturers that started in 2013 is expected to end on Wednesday

Google Play has 12 more free albums for Android users, including KISS, Selena and more (U.S. only)

Over the last few days, Google has offered Android users some free music via the Google Play Store. You might recall that last month,