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Amazon denies it has a ban on Alexa skills referencing Google

Amazon and Google are numbers one and two, respectively, in smart speaker market share worldwide. Amazon has a wide lead over Google at the

Google: Project Fi Users to Get Smart Reply Feature This Week

Back in 2015, Google introduced a new feature to its Inbox app. This new feature, called Smart Reply, is a predictive texting feature that

Google Rolls Out New Feature that Detects Public Wi-Fi Network Speed

After a few weeks of teasing, Google has finally rolled out a new feature intended to help Android users detect the speed of Wi-Fi

Here’s how to directly listen to audiobooks on Google Home

Americans don’t read – that’s been a repeat criticism to a country obsessed with screens and media since the days of the silent film.

Google and Huawei team up to spread RCS messaging, all Huawei smartphones to get Android Messages app

Google and Huawei are partnering up to accelerate the adoption of RCS messaging. Google has announced that its RCS-based Android Messages app will soon

Google Arts & Culture app can match your selfies to famous paintings

Google’s Arts & Culture app is arguably the best virtual museum you can “visit” from your smartphone right now. With its simple and intuitive interface

Google snags Apple engineer to help with company’s production of in-house chips for mobile devices

Google is in the early stages of developing its own line of mobile chips that it can deploy on future Pixel handsets and other

Google Maps still way ahead of Apple Maps in details and coverage, study finds

Google’s Maps app and the data behind it have a head start of six years before Apple Maps, and, although Apple’s mapping data is

Google Chrome soon to get ability to mute autoplay videos, improved features

Google is expected to introduce new features for Chrome users, as the search giant is already testing a couple of them in the beta

Google exec hints at AR shopping, other features coming soon to Google Lens

Google Lens is still in its early stages of development, but the engineering team behind the visual analysis app seems to be on a