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Watch ABBYY TextGrabber Pro 6 lift text, phone numbers, links, and addresses straight from video & TV

Digital scanning powerhouse ABBYY’s character recognition app TextGrabber has been an example of “black magic” mobile technology for a long time. If its ability

Apple may still be undecided on the iPhone 8’s fingerprint sensor, less than 3 months from announcement

It might sound discouraging, but here it goes – according to analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, Apple still hasn’t decided what fingerprint

Instagram’s latest update lets you hide your terrible old selfies from the public

We’ve all been there: you’re scrolling through your own Instagram feed, when you notice that photo. Why did you upload this? It’s awful! But

BlackBerry Mobile will look for a better adhesive to keep KEYone screens from popping out

Yesterday, we told you about a video that claimed BlackBerry Mobile failed to use adhesive on the BlackBerry KEYone’s screen. This allowed the display

Thirteen apps removed from the Google Play Store were infected with malware

Thirteen apps gotten rid of from the Google Play Store belonged to a malware chain called Brain Test. The apps looked harmless to users

Promotional deal from U.S. Cellular gives you a plan with 6GB of data for $40 a month

U.S. Cellular has actually begun offering a marketing strategy that supplies customers with unlimited talk, endless text, tethering and 6GB of data for just

Deal: Buy the LG V10 from Verizon and get 50% off the LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset

With the most recent speculation about the LG G5 requiring a secondary screen on the gadget, LG does have a phone today that offers

Apple seeks another $179 million from Samsung for patent infringement payoff

Previously this month, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $ 548 million to end the first patent infringement case between the 2 rivals. But

Here’s How You Can Switch Off Binge On From Your Device

Over the last couple of years, T-Mobile announced changes that guaranteed to benefit their users’ experience. Net neutrality advocates, however, do not appear to

Taylor Swift’s World Tour video now available exclusively from Apple Music

Recently, we informed you that Taylor Swift’s “The 1989 World Trip Live” video would debut Sunday as an exclusive on Apple Music. The show