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T-Mobile starts offering free 30-day network trials in specific U.S. locations

In a surprising turn of events, T-Mobile has decided that customers who want to get a taste of its services before starting a long-term

New Total Wireless Subscribers Get Free 5GB of Data and 90-Day Pandora Premium

Erratum: The original post assumed the free 5GB of data was a monthly offer. We have reached out to Total Wireless and they have

Boost Mobile Has a New $80 Unlimited Data Plan, Offering Free LG Stylo 3, iPhone 6 for $29.99

Back in March, Boost Mobile offered the iPhone 6 for $ 49.99 and announced other offers to go with it. Continuing in this tradition, the

Get 3GB of Data Free With Republic Wireless’ Back-to-School Promotion

Republic Wireless, an MVNO running under Sprint and T-Mobile’s network, has just unveiled a back-to-school promotion. The promotion includes the purchase of either a

UNREAL Mobile Has a 14-Day Free Trial Promotion In Case You’re Interested

UNREAL Mobile is a newly introduced MVNO in the U.S. wireless market. It comes as a spin-off of FreedomPop, and launched almost a month

Next Tuesday, T-Mobile subscribers get three months of free SiriusXM and more

Next Tuesday, T-Mobile subscribers will be picking up some cool freebies thanks to the weekly T-Mobile Tuesday promotion that is now over two-years old.

Google Play has 12 more free albums for Android users, including KISS, Selena and more (U.S. only)

Over the last few days, Google has offered Android users some free music via the Google Play Store. You might recall that last month,

Unlocked LG V35 ThinQ now available for pre-order, free Google Daydream View headset included

Not long after being released via AT&T and Project Fi, the LG V35 ThinQ is now available for pre-order unlocked in the US. At

Download albums from Ariana Grande and the Beach Boys for free thanks to Google Play

Did you know that Ariana Grande and the Beach Boys have something in common? Both have albums that you can download free for a

AT&T offers its unlimited subscribers free access to a new app that streams Turner Network content

On Thursday, AT&T received approval to go ahead with its purchase of Time Warner for $ 85.4 billion. By the end of the week,