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FreedomPop Now Requiring a $5 Balance to Downgrade to the Free Plan

FreedomPop is a freemium MVNO that offers free data-only plans that include 200 to 1000 MB of free data month. Of course data isn’t

Switch to MetroPCS and Get the Moto E4 for Free (Almost)

It’s surprising to find that MetroPCS doesn’t offer any Motorola device in its smartphone lineup. But according to TMONews, this is something that’s about

Black Wireless Announces New Plan Changes, Offers Free Second Month of Service

Black Wireless is the latest MVNO to update its cell phone plans. Earlier today, the AT&T MVNO announced that it had updated its plans

AT&T Prepaid Promotion Offering Two Months of Service for Free

There’s no denying how much prepaid has grown. As a matter of fact, more and more customers have been switching to prepaid. Seeing this

Freedompop Now Throttling Sprint Free Plans to 1 Mbs, Charging $5/mo for Faster Data

On Monday, several FreedomPop users on the Sprint network posted on the Nthcircle online forum that their download speeds appear to have been throttled

Best free Android and iPhone games! (June 26 – July 2)

Ready for another round of brand-new free games? We have lined up eight amazing titles for Android and iOS devices that appeared this week,

Google offers four months of free Play Music and YouTube Red subscriptions to new users

Google is trying to lure more fans into its subscription-based services, Play Music and YouTube Red, by offering them for free for a longer

Puzzle game Telepaint is the Free iOS App of the Week

How would you like to download a puzzle game for your iOS device, and save some money in the process? Telepaint, which normally costs

Save $1.99 by downloading “jumper” game Beat Stomper, which is the Free iOS App of the Week

From now until the end of Wednesday, you can save $ 1.99 by downloading Beat Stomper on your iPhone or iPad for free. After

Tello Offers 100 Alcatel OneTouch Fling Flip Phones for Free

With Father’s Day coming up real soon, it’s only natural for people to look for ways they can show their love and appreciation. One