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Republic Wireless Cuts Data Price to $5 Per GB on all Plans

WiFi-first Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Republic Wireless is replacing all its current plans with new ones. The new plans  are less expensive for plans

Selectel Adds More Data to $40, $50 and $70 Plans

Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless notified its dealers today that its $ 40, $ 50 and $ 70 plans will be getting more data effective

H2O Launching $20 Plan and Bonus Data Promo Friday

AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless is launching a new $ 20 plan along with a mew bonus data promotion. The new $ 20/month  plan includes

Finally, There’s an App that Helps You Keep Track of Mobile Data Usage and Save It

Among many smartphone users, there’s always a concern on where their mobile data allotment goes. This is particularly common among those who tend to

Straight Talk’s Unlimited Data Offer is Now Available for All Phones

About a month ago, we wrote about a promotion Straight Talk Wireless offered to customers who would make a purchase of any Samsung device

Cricket to Bring Back Unlimited 2 Plan, Increase Data on $30 and $40 plans

Today AT&T announced changes to its Cricket Wireless prepaid plans. Effective Sunday Nov. 5: The $ 30/month unlimited talk, messaging and data plan will

U.S. Cellular Customers Under $45 Plan Get More Data

Good news to U.S. Cellular customers! If you have subscribed under U.S. Cellular’s $ 45 prepaid plan, you can now enjoy more data. As

MetroPCS Ups Unlimited Plan Hotspot to 10 GB, Decreases $40 Plan Data and Increases Family Plan Prices

Sometime since the beginning of the month T-Mobile’s MetroPCS prepaid brand has made three changes to its plans: The amount of high speed hotspot

OnePlus admits it collects private data of smartphone users, promises to stop by the end of October

OnePlus has just issued an official statement regarding the recent reports that claim the company’s OxygenOS collects private data of those using OnePlus smartphones.

Mango Mobile Introduces New Plans with Unlimited Throttled Data

A reader tipped me that Mango Mobile has changed its plans since the last time we reported on them. Changes include new $ 15