T-Mobile Wants Your Old Phones and Tablets

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    Do you have an old phone or tablet lying around? If you are planning to upgrade to a newer device, don’t throw away the old gadget you were using. Instead, you can donate it to your local T-Mobile store so you can do your part in helping feed the less fortunate.

    Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that they have partnered with Feeding America and Team Rubicon. Together, they aim at helping provide meals to at least 5,000,000 hungry families as well as deploy 5,000 veterans to serve disaster-stricken communities.

    How do they plan to do this? Well, with your old phones and tablets that you’ve donated.

    According to T-Mobile’s announcement, they will match the recycled value of the donated devices they received and after costs, donate all of the money to the two organizations they have partnered with. In addition to the donated devices, the Un-carrier will be pledging a minimum donation of $ 1,000,000 to be split among the two charities equally.

    Apart from being able to help feed impoverished communities, T-Mobile is also able to help reduce the amount of trash from cell phones. With the recent EPA estimate accounting for over 135 million cell phones that end up in the landfill every year, this can be quite an alarming number. So if you still have your old devices (yes, including a very early flip phone from 2007), you can donate it to T-Mo’s #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive. The donation can be equal to feeding over 600 meals or even buying critical equipment needed for a disaster relief strike member such as eye protection, masks, gloves, and a hard hat.

    So how can you participate?

    Head over to a participating T-Mobile store and drop off your old device. They accept any and all phones and tablets as a donation. Even if your device is old or busted, it can still be donated for around $ 30. There’s even no limit as to how many devices you can donate. If you want to see how much your device donation is worth, you may visit this website. T-Mobile will match this recycle value and donate it to the two organizations it has partnered with.

    If you’re feeling generous this time of the year, what better way to do it than to help out those who are in need? While you’re at it, you’re also helping by reducing the number of old devices that end up in the landfill. How’s that for hitting two birds with one stone?

    Source: T-Mobile

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