T-Mobile Tops Most Recent Ookla Speed Test

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    Contrary to the results of the recently conducted speed test by Wirefly, T-Mobile has shown tremendous speeds according to another test.

    Ookla, a global company that runs internet testing and analysis, has recently revealed the results of its most recent speed test. The results of this test show a surprising report since T-Mobile earned the third spot on the recent overall speed test reported by Wirefly.

    Based on Ookla’s report, T-Mobile gained the top spot for speed tests throughout Q1 2018. During this quarter, T-Mo produced an average LTE download speed of 32.1Mbps and an average LTE upload speed of 12Mbps. With this streak, the wireless carrier has marked its 17th consecutive quarter as the winner of Ookla’s speed tests for the fastest 4G LTE network in the country.

    Not one to miss out on this achievement, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray sent out a tweet pointing out that they have improved their LTE download speed by 30 percent year after year.

    The wireless carrier to follow T-Mobile on this speed test is Verizon, which produced an average LTE download speed of 29.7Mbps and an average LTE upload speed of 9.8Mbps. The third spot went to AT&T with a 25.8Mbps average LTE download speed and 7.9Mbps average LTE upload speed. The last spot went to Sprint, which produced a 23.8Mbps average LTE download speed and 3.3Mbps average LTE upload speed.

    Going back to Wirefly’s recently conducted speed tests, the top spot went to Verizon with its 20.44Mbps average download speed. AT&T followed in second with its 19.11Mbps average download speed. The third spot went to T-Mobile with its 18.08Mbps average download speed. Sprint took the fourth spot with its 15.60Mbps average download speed.

    Which speed test results do you think has more accurate results?

    Source: TmoNews

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