T-Mobile Launches $50 10 GB Simply Prepaid Promotional Plan

  • T-Mobile is currently offering a new $ 50 Simply Prepaid plan that includes unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 10 GB of data at high speed. That’s a better deal than T-Mobile’s regular Simply Prepaid plans which come with 4 GB of high speed data for $ 45 or 6 GB for $ 55.

    The T-Mobile site says that the $ 50 plan is a limited time offer with no indication of how long it’s available for. Unlike some other operators, T-Mobile has always been good about grandfathering its plans, so when this promotion ends I expect customers who are on the plan will be able to keep their 10 GB.

    The new plan is available online to both new and current customers, as it shows up as an available plan that I could switch to on my My T-Mobile OLAM dashboard (image below).

    According to the fine print on the T-Mobile Prepaid site the $ 50 plan has the same perks and limitations as the other Simply Prepaid plans. That means that includes unlimited music streaming that doesn’t count against your data cap, hotspot privileges, unlimited domestic voice and text roaming, 100 MB of data roaming and Data Maximizer, which throttles video to 1.5 mbps. Data Maximizer can be turned off if you’s prefer HD video at the expense of greater data consumption. Calling and texting to and roaming in Canada and Mexico can be added for $ 5 per month, Unlimited international calling and texting can be added for $ 15 per month.

    Source: T-Mobile via BestMVNO

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