T-Mobile Expands 600MHz Coverage to 586 Cities in Total

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    T-Mobile recently received positive feedback on its customer satisfaction in 2017. Apart from this, the carrier has another update to share to its customers who are patiently waiting.

    On its website, T-Mobile announced that its 600MHz coverage is now available in 586 cities. The list of cities include the likes of Omaha, Nebraska; Jacksonville, Pennsylvania; Y-O Ranch, Wyoming; and Greenview, California. If you are wondering whether or not your city is included in the full list, you can click here to check.

    Now if your location is included in the list of cities and you wish to make the most out of the 600MHz coverage, T-Mo wants to help you out. As announced, the carrier plans to launch over 12 new 600MHz-capable devices this year.

    Although T-Mobile did not name what these specific devices were, the carrier promised that there will be a variety of these models with some that would be budget-friendly and some flagship models. As of this writing, T-Mobile sells two 600MHz-capable devices: the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and the LG V30.

    The third bit of news that T-Mo shared today is that it has decided to close the agreement to buy the remaining interest of Iowa Wireless from Aureon. If you can still recall, this deal was first announced on September 26th and has finally been closed yesterday, January 2nd.

    Now that T-Mo has acquired Iowa Wireless, T-Mobile’s LTE coverage in Iowa and western Illinois can be expanded. Pretty soon, these customers can get access to the different benefits offered by T-Mo. 

    Source: Tmo News

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