T-Mobile Customers to Get RCS Universal Profile Upgrade Soon

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    Back in 2015, T-Mobile launched a new feature called Rich Communication Services (RCS). This feature came with Advanced Messaging, which aimed at giving its customers an enhanced messaging experience with things like real-time chat, message delivery notification, group chat, and sending messages with over 160 characters.

    After launching this feature almost a couple of years ago, it looks like T-Mo is getting ready to do more with its RCS feature.

    Earlier today, the wireless carrier announced its plans to support the GSMA Universal Profile industry standard. Based on their announcement, T-Mobile customers will be receiving these software updates in the second quarter of the year.

    Once the updates roll out, customers will be able to enjoy a number of improvements to their RCS messaging feature. When it does, customers with the Universal Profile upgrade can get support for up to 100MB file transfers. Comparing this with the current 10MB limit in the RCS implementation, it shows how big of an improvement this is.

    T-Mobile’s RCS feature is currently supported across all Android devices they sell. This makes it available in over 30 million customers that use over 250 million RCS messages every single day. With this sheer volume, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the wireless network would be prioritizing support for Universal Profile.

    If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can keep an eye out for the upgrade from April to June.

    Source: TmoNews

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