Sanrio Yanks Hello Kitty Android Wear Watch Face from Google Play

  • Google spent thousands promoting the launch-day coup of a Sanrio official Hi Kitty, Android Put on tie-in. Now that watch face has disappeared.

    Among the significant features of Android Wear 5.1 that puts it above Apple Watch, and its watchOS 2, is that (since launch) their watch faces have been user-customizable. Anybody can create their own custom watch face, and send it to the Google Play Shop.

    Apple today, in comparison, just enables pre-defined watch faces, consisting of a tie-in with Disney. Disney formerly had special product tie-ins with Nokia in the 1990s that are credited for helping make Nokia the world’s biggest watch maker.

    So it’s a little odd that Sanrio, whose Hello there Kitty competitors Mickey Mouse in international prestige, has actually disappeared from Google Play. Google heavily promoted the Hi Kitty tie-in with Android Put on advertisements in online and traditional media. The complimentary watch face is currently only readily available to those that downloaded it prior to being pulled publicly.


    It’s unclear why the watch face has actually been eliminated. Neither Google nor Sanrio has even acknowledged the elimination. Nevertheless, it might come down to cost. With millions downloading the free watch face, Sanrio may have had a change of mind with providing it free of cost. Most Hey there Kitty mobile items, outside of fremium video games, have actually had at least a $.99 charge tied to them.

    It’s also possible the free watch face was bought and paid for by Google, and now that the launch festivities have actually ended, Sanrio might offer the watch face later on as a paid download.

    Apple offers a comparable capability for existing downloaders to continue to use some apps that have been removed the App Store. However, that is not always the case. It is up to the app publisher. In some rare conditions, Apple and others like Amazon have actually even gone as far as to get rid of an app completely – – even for those that purchased and paid for that.

    The Sanrio mystery is a terrific example of why sideloading and the ability to physically back up app purchases is essential. While Google is still offering the app available for download, that isn’t constantly the case. By having the ability to sideload apps – – and back them up physically – – users can make sure that a product going dark online… … doesn’t indicate the users can not enjoy them.

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