Samsung and LG Don’t Slow Down Devices Too

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    Lately, Apple has become a hot topic to talk about ever since it was discovered that they slowed down the performance of older iPhone devices. To their dismay, their rival smartphone manufacturers have chimed in on their misfortune by taking this as an opportunity to highlight their own products.

    Yesterday, HTC and Motorola both released a statement that they do not practice slowing down older smartphone models. There was also a promise that Sony and Samsung would be looking into the issue and give their own statements as soon as the holiday rush is over. But it looks like Samsung is ready to talk and release its own statement.

    On a statement sent to PhoneArena, Samsung revealed that they do not “reduce CPU performance through software updates” over a phone’s life cycle. The company highlighted that their top priority is product quality, which they make sure to meet by going through multiple safety measures. These measures are set in place to make sure the battery life of a Samsung mobile device is extended throughout its duration.

    LG, on the other hand, released a short yet direct message on the subject of whether or not they slow down CPU performance on older devices. Their response: “Never have, never will.

    For its part, Apple has already released an official statement on the matter. You can read that official statement on this post. As for what they intend to do, they have announced that they will be reducing the price of battery replacement on out-of-warranty iPhones. Instead of the $ 79 usual price, the price will be brought down to just $ 29. If you have an iPhone 6 or later, you’re eligible for this discount.

    To be fair, it really isn’t expected that anyone else would admit slowing down smartphones. But with the statements released by these Android manufacturers, it’s a reassurance that users are in good hands. There is, however, reason to doubt this; especially with Samsung– who has been known for its heavy TouchWiz UI. This skin, on its own, is responsible for slowing down devices that have not been optimized properly.

    Now that these manufacturers have responded, all that’s left is to wait for a statement from Google. And yes, we’re keeping an eye out for it.

    Source: Phandroid

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