Rumor: Motorola Downsizing Its Chicago Team

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    There is a short number of Android smartphone manufacturers that hold its headquarters in the U.S. Motorola, the Lenovo-owned brand, is just one of the few names that belong to this number. And over the years, it’s no secret that its Chicago office has not been doing so well.

    According to some sources, Motorola is downsizing its engineering team in this particular office. The source shares that almost half of its workforce based in the Chicago office are set to be laid off within next month. Another source shares around 190 people will be laid off from the company. For avid Motorola users, things could get disappointing in the future; especially those who are waiting for the Moto Z device lineup.

    Not wanting to cause panic, Motorola confirmed the reports but affirmed they were not letting go of half of their workforce. A spokesperson for the company shared that they started laying off some of its employees from around the world in late 2017. The layoffs will continue in the next few quarters but will not be impacting over two percent of the company’s global workforce.

    As for its Moto Z family, Motorola assures the public that this will continue. There are some hesitations, however, as the Moto Z family will no longer be the same as it was.

    Another report claims that Motorola has canceled the Moto X5 and that the Moto Mod collection will be downsized to just battery packs and style covers. The report also states that Motorola will be focusing on its Moto E, G, and Z lines.

    The source of all these reports claims to be an ex-Motorola employee who shared the news on a comment on According to his/her post, 50% of the workforce based in Chicago will no longer be part of the company after April 6th.

    In 2014, Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility from Google for a price of $ 2.9 billion. Ever since then, the company has undergone a series of management reogranizations and layoffs.

    Source: XDA-Developers

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