Rumor: MetroPCS Free iPhone SE and Other Free Phone Offers Ending Wednesday

  • MetroPCS Free iPhone SE Promotion

    T-Mobile’s MetroPCS prepaid brand has been running some very aggressive free phone promotions lately. Currently, you can get an iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy j7 Prime, LG Stylo 3 Plus or several other phones for free if you port a number to MetroPCS at a MetroPCS store.  Offically these promotions are for a “limited time” with no stated end date. That’s not unusual, MetroPCS and other mobile operators often do not give advance warning of promo end dates.Treat this as a rumour, but according to a thread on HowardForums the free phone offers will end on Wednesday April 11.

    The HowardForums thread states that the current free phone promotions will be replaced something much less generous. Starting Thursday switchers will only be eligible for one free phone priced at $ 60 (or maybe $ 100) or less. Currently, you can port one number and get up to four free phones, if you activate all the phones on new lines of service. In addition. the offer will be “free after rebate” rather than “free out the door“. To get the rebate, customers will have to use the phone on MetroPCS for 65 days. After 65 days they will get the rebate in the form of a virtual prepaid MasterCard texted to the phone.

    The Howard Forum’s tread starter, ryan1918 as well as user BrownMan, who confirmed details of ryan1918’s post have good track records of accurately reporting MetroPCS changes and policy details. I suspect that both of them either work for a MetroPCS dealer or are on good terms with someone who does.

    While it’s not a sure thing that the promos will end soon, If you want to get in on Metro’s free phone giveaway, I recommend doing it before Wednesday.

    There is one bit of good news in the HowardForums thread. Ryan1918 says that Metro’s popular Four Lines of Unlimited for $ 100 promotional group plan is NOT ending.

    Source: HowardForums

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