Report: T-Mobile and Sprint Continue Merger Talks

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    Back in November, there were reports that T-Mobile and Sprint called off its merger talks. After a series of rumors about the number three and four US carriers merging together, the two companies released a statement that they have ended such discussions after failing to agree on mutually agreeable terms.

    However, it looks like this might not be a final report. As it turns out, the two companies are still continuing negotiating its plans to merge together.

    According to sources cited by the respectable publication, the Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile and Sprint have once again started their merger talks.

    As far as details go, however, details are scarce right now since the two are still in preliminary talks. It’s still possible that they won’t come to an agreement in the end.

    This possible merger continues on earlier negotiation reports about the two companies. Last year, there were reports that executives from Sprint and SoftBank (the largest shareholder of Sprint) were talking about a possbile deal with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deustche Telekom. Confirming this report, CEOs from both companies have spoken to investors about a merger just this week.

    This is the third time T-Mobile and Sprint have been reportedly shown interest in merging. The closest both companies came through a deal was late last year. Unfortunately, the talks stopped after both were unable to come to a mutually favorable term with each other.

    The current standing of both companies aren’t too different from the last reports. Even though T-Mobile has ranked third among the big major carriers and they have more subscribers compared to Sprint, it’s likely they are interested in the spectrum of Sprint.

    Right now, all we can do is wait for the outcome of this third merger talks. But even if they come to an agreement, it will still take some time since the deal would have to be reviewed.

    As they say, third time’s the charm. Could it hold true for Sprint and T-Mobile too?

    Source: Tmo News

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