OpenSignal: T-Mobile is Leading Carrier for Mobile Network Speeds

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    In recent years, there has been a big reshuffling among wireless carriers and how they have done business in the country. One big change that has happened is how AT&T and Verizon have positioned themselves for the last few years.

    But ever since T-Mobile rapidly grew itself, the two carriers were forced to come up with new unlimited plans as a way of offering options to customers. As a result, this has changed the way people make use of their devices. 

    According to OpenSignal’s recently published State of the Mobile Networks report, it shows that T-Mobile has positioned itself on the top of the list for its network speeds. But as it shows, the two networks, AT&T and Verizon, are also closing in on the gap. 
    The report collected data from the fourth quarter of 2017, which means that it covered the months of October until December. From this period, OpenSignal gathered data from over 200,000 mobile devices from 33 major cities in the country. Based on the information gathered, it shows that T-Mobile heavily invested on its LTE Advanced network while its key competitors took things slowly. 
    And because of T-Mo’s efforts, the results of the report show that it all led to positive results. As evident in OpenSignal’s charts, T-Mo topped the charts in four out of five categories, namely in 3G, 3G latency, 4G, 4G availability, and overall speed. This is the second time that T-Mobile reached the top of the study’s 4G speed test. 
    The only area wherein T-Mobile was unable to get the top spot was on 4G latency, which belonged to AT&T for its score of 58.3 milliseconds average LTE network ping time. Along with Verizon, AT&T slowed in 4G speeds ever since they launched their own unlimited plans. But this proves to be a reason for the two carriers to work harder since they are now working to improve on this. As a matter of fact, OpenSignal has reported that Verizon’s network speeds have since switched back to “pre-unlimited speed levels” with a score of 17.8Mbps. AT&T also seems to be working at rebounding their 4G LTE speed with its 13.3Mbps quarter score. 
    Out of the four major networks in the country, Sprint seems to be the one who is struggling. But even so, OpenSignal has noted that the carrier seems to be doing its part with its recent network investments. The carrier was able to increase its average 4G speeds throughout its network by up to 12Mbps (33 percent). At the same time, it has improved its 4G availability tests with testers reportedly finding a signal 85.7 percent of the time. 
    Tests like these are really helpful for carriers level up the playing field. It lets them know which areas they need to focus on and how well their competition is performing. You can view the full report of the test here.
    Source: XDA-Developers,  
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