New Wireless Company Lets You Enjoy Free Service in Exchange for Rewards Credits

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    There’s a new wireless company that’s determined to be a revolutionary leader with its new business model. The company, called FreeUP Mobile, aims to give its subscribers high quality cellular service for free. Instead of paying for service, subscribers get to earn rewards credits and use these credits toward their monthly bills.

    How is this possible? The secret lies on the FreeUP Mobile Rewards app, which subscribers can use to shop online, complete surveys, download mobile apps, and refer other friends and family members. The app also has an array of coupons for partner establishments, like restaurants and shops, wherein discounts can be applied to. The company currently has thousands of national retailers enrolled in its FreeUP Mobile Rewards program that their subscribers can use.

    As a subscriber, you can earn rewards credits when you make a purchase, download a coupon, take a survey, redeem an offer, watch a video, or even when you refer a friend. When you earn a dollar from the FreeUP Mobile Rewards app, you also earn a dollar that you can use on your cell phone bill. Unlike the other rewards programs offered by other companies, you don’t have to earn thousands of points to have it converted into a dollar.

    To become a subscriber, all it takes is to choose from one of the plans offered by the company:

    • Starter Plan ($ 10/month) – includes 500 minutes or 500 text + 100MB of 4G LTE data
    • Starter Data Plan ($ 15/month) – includes 1GB of 4G LTE data
    • Unlimited 1GB Plan ($ 25/month) – includes unlimited global talk and text + 1GB of 4G LTE data
    • Unlimited 4GB Plan ($ 40/month) – includes unlimited global talk and text + 4GB of 4G LTE data

    Unused add-on data does not rollover to the next billing cycle. Any remaining data on the account gets forfeited. The company runs under an unnamed GSM network.

    The good news is that subscribers are free to earn up to $ 40 while you use the service. If the rewards credits you earn for the month is greater than your monthly charges, it will be cycled to the next month. Balances, on the other hand, are deducted from your credit card or another payment method on your file.

    The FreeUP Mobile Rewards iOS and Android app is currently available to download.

    FreeUP Mobile Promotion

    In line with its launch, FreeUP Mobile is currently running two promotions:

    • Get your first month of service for free when you purchase your SIM card online
    • Get $ 10 reward dollars when you earn at least $ 10 in rewards during the first month

    The wireless company launched earlier today but will be available at independent wireless dealers across the country in the next few days. You can also sign up for service via Amazon or FreeUP Mobile website.

    Source: PRNewswire

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