New Report Suggests Verizon Has Removed Data Speed Restrictions on MVNO Partners

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    It looks like Verizon has improved its data speeds on its MVNO partners.

    As detailed by Joe Paonessa of Best MVNO, it’s highly possible that Big Red ended its data speed restrictions on its MVNO partners. Or at least with Red Pocket Mobile, which is the MVNO used by Paonessa.

    According to the writer, he was surprised to get data speeds of up to 34 Mbps from Red Pocket Mobile. The ping times he experienced was as low as 46 ms. This came as a complete shock to Paonessa since Verizon-powered MVNOs have been using data speed limited to just 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.

    This big change on data speed was also experienced by other Verizon MVNOs like Tracfone-owned brands, who had their restrictions lifted back in August. Shortly after that, US Mobile introduced new Verizon plans without the usual speed restrictions. Boom Mobile then followed in December, with an announcement that they were testing unthrottled data speeds.

    The data speed changes on Verizon-based network plans under Red Pocket Mobile come as a shock, especially since no formal announcement has been made yet. Paonessa even had access to VoLTE during his days of testing his service. However, it’s unsure whether or not Red Pocket Mobile was simply testing VoLTE access or it was a temporary glitch.

    Once Red Pocket officially announces these data speed changes, it could be an indication that Verion has finally put an end to the restrictions it has since implemented on its MVNO partners. And this could mean good news for its customers.

    Source: BestMVNO

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