New Red Pocket AT&T Promo – $30 Unlimited Talk Messaging and Data (1st 5 GB High Speed)

  • Multi carrier MVNO Red Pocket Mobile launched a new promotion yesterday. For an unspecified limited time, customers on Red Pockets $ 35 ($ 30 with autopay) GSMA (AT&T network) plan will get 5 GB of high speed data per month instead of the usual 3 GB. The plan also includes unlimited voice and messaging and unlimited data throttled to 2G speeds after the first 5 GB.

    Red Pocket offers customers service on their choice at time of activation of the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint networks. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile users get 3 GB of high speed data per month on the $ 35 plan, only AT&T network users get 5 GB.

    Here’s how the 5 GB for $ 30 promotion fits into Red Pocket’s monthly plan lineup:

    • $ 10 500 minutes, 500 SMS, 500 MB 
    • $ 15 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS, 1 GB 
    • $ 20 ($ 19 with auto pay) unlimited minutes and messaging, 500 MB.
    • $ 30 ($ 25 with auto pay) unlimited minutes and messaging, 1.5 GB
    • $ 35 ($ 30 with auto pay) unlimited minutes and messaging, 3 GB (5 GB GSMA*) high speed data, unlimited 2G.
    • $ 65 ($ 60 with auto pay) unlimited minutes and messaging, 8 GB (10 GB*) high speed data, unlimited 2G 
    * Limited time promotion, subscribers will receive bonus data each month for as long as the promotion lasts.
    In addition to the plans listed above, Red Pocket also sells a number of discounted multi-month and annual plans on eBay and Amazon. For details of these plans as well as information about Red Pocket’s international features, APN settings, customer support options and more see our Prepaid Operator Profile: Red Pocket Mobile.
    Source: Red Pocket Mobile
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