Moto E5 Plus Rumored to be Exclusively Sold on Cricket Wireless as Moto E5 Supra

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    With many new devices set to be unveiled this year, it’s likely that you have already set your sights on a particular model. One of the devices expected to be revealed this year is the Moto E5 Plus, which is something a lot of people have shown an interest in.

    As of this writing, there isn’t a lot of official information available about this device yet. So when Evan Blass posted an image of a device called the Moto E5 Supra, it definitely fueled up more rumors.

    According to the post, the Moto E5 Supra will be released as a Moto E5 Plus variant exclusively available to the AT&T prepaid brand, Cricket Wireless. Apart from the tweet of the credible industry insider, there was not much information available on the hardware and pricing of the E5 Supra. The only thing we can be guaranteed of, at this point, is that the E5 Supra will be sold in black color.

    The color of the E5 Supra plays an important role since Blass also leaked a photo of an E5 Plus with a light blue color. The image, leaked last month, came with some design details of the device, such as a couple of cutouts on the rear panel and what is believed to be an 18:9 display aspect ratio. There is a circulating rumor that devices under the Moto E5 series, the Moto E5 Plus included, will run on an entry-level Qualcomm or MediaTek processor.

    Cricket Wireless is also rumored to offer the Moto E5 Play under the name of Moto E5 Cruise. Even though it comes with a different name, the device is said to have identical hardware specs as the other models under the Moto E5 Play series.

    If the rumor proves to be true, the Moto E5 Cruise could be Cricket Wireless’ latest entry-level smartphone to offer to its customers. It could follow the footsteps of the Alcatel Verso and the LG Fortune 3, which are currently being offered for free by the prepaid brand. So if you’re interested in these new Motorola devices, they could be worth checking out from time to time.

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