Karma Mobility Makes Changes to Its Plan Offerings

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    New changes have been made to Karma Mobility’s data only plans. As announced on their blog, the Sprint MVNO has discontinued a few plans and updated some others. In addition to the plan changes, the MVNO also has an ongoing sale that will give its customers 5GB of free data when they buy a hotspot device. Read on more to find out about these announcements:

    Karma Mobility Plan Changes

    One of the big changes announced by the MVNO is that they will no longer be offering the Karma Drift plan. If you can recall, this plan was introduced back in March with a price of $ 10/GB along with a $ 3/month account fee. Any unused data would be credited back to the customer’s account by the end of the billing period.

    The MVNO also announced that it will be discontinuing its 1GB Pulse plan ($ 9.99/month) and the 25GB plan ($ 149.99/month). Apart from discontinuing these plans, Karma has updated some of its Pulse Plans so they now last three months instead of just one.

    With the new plan changes in place, Karma Mobility’s Pulse plans look like this:

    • $ 49.99/month – Includes 5GB of 4G LTE data (previously at $ 39.99/month)
    • $ 79.99/month – Includes 10GB of 4G LTE data 
    • $ 149.99/month – Includes 20GB of 4G LTE data (previously priced at $ 99.99/month)

    Free Offer

    Since Karma Mobility is a data-only service, you will need to purchase a hotspot device. They sell hotspot devices for $ 199. The MVNO is currently running a promotion where you can get 5GB of free data when you purchase the hotspot device within the week. And once you start using it, you will receive an extra 100MB of free data whenever a new user hooks up with your hotspot device.
    Learn more about Karma Mobility’s offer by visiting their website. 
    Source: BestMVNO
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