HTC and Motorola: “We Don’t Practice Slowing Older Phones”

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    Apple has been dealing with negative press over the past few weeks. Ever since it’s been revealed that they’re slowing down older iPhones, the company has continued to face disgruntled users. Especially since this initially started out as a conspiracy theory, which later turned out to be true. 

    For its part, Apple has since denied that their reason behind slowing down older iPhone models was a scheme to force users to upgrade their device. Instead, the company admitted that the throttling was  due to a feature launched in 2016 that aimed to stop older iPhone models from unexpectedly shutting down or causing serious problems. 

    According to Apple, the main reason why they created this feature was to stop older iPhone models (particularly the iPhone 6, 6S, and SE) from encountering random shutdowns brought about by the natural degradation of their built-in batteries. Without the new feature, users of older iPhone models would experience unexpected shut offs when a high and demanding speed is needed by their device. Because of this, Apple put a limit on processor speed and caused the device user to suffer from a slow phone. Unfortunately, they did not make this behavior known to older iPhone device users. 

    And while there may seem to be an option to replace the iPhone battery in the hopes of improving performance, Apple has not made it clear that this would be a viable alternative. For one thing, replacing batteries on an older iPhone is not so easy.

    For years, conspiracy theorists have speculated that Apple intentionally slows down their older iPhone devices around the time a new one is about to released. The speculation shows that this is Apple’s strategy to encourage existing customers to upgrade to the newer device. And considering this conspiracy has once again emerged just a few months after the iPhone X was released, it gained so much attention for it right now. 
    But Apple stands firm to say that this isn’t the case. They are actually slowing down these older devices to extend the usability and overall performance. 

    With the looming threat of facing multiple lawsuits that could potentially land Apple executives in jail, it looks like this could be something serious for smartphone manufacturers. And while many would say that throttling older phones is a common practice, it does not seem to be the case for all. 

    To add insult to the injury, both HTC and Motorola have taken this as an opportunity to boost their own products. On two separate instances, a spokesperson for each company have sent in an email to 
    The Verge discussing how this practice was not “something they do.” Motorola even mentioned that they do not throttle the performance of the processor based on older batteries included in past models. 

    Representatives from Google, LG, and Sony have yet to give their response on the subject of aging batteries. But Samsung has confirmed they are looking into it. 
    Source: The Verge, BGR
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