HERE Maps: No Plans to Update Original Gear S Navigation App

  • The Samsung Gear S2 brought a great deal of new functions to the Tizen smartwatch implementation of HERE Maps. Most especially, and long requested, is the capability to do driving navigation autonomously from the watch. The original Gear S could do offline maps, and autonomous navigation, but curiously it would just do that for mass transit (autonomously) and strolling directions (when paired with a Samsung phone)… … it does not offer navigation for driving your own car, even when paired to a phone.

    With the Gear S having the same Tizen app compatibility variety as the Gear S2, and some liking the curved/larger screen of the initial Gear S, numerous wished to know if HERE was going to update the Gear S version of the app.

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. HERE today verified to that driving directions, and all the HERE Maps enhancements in the Gear S2 version, will stay special to the Gear S2. “Driving directions will just be readily available for the Gear S2……” was the brief statement that HERE supplied to us on the subject.

    The Gear S is now offered in reconditioned type for just $ 150, total with opened 3G radio and GPS. But without app suppliers preserving assistance, Gear S owners might be in for a separated existence.

    Android’s fragmentation structure provides more conventional support for older devices, by making it basic for older Android System versions to be supported with more recent app upgrades. It appears that Tizen might not have the very same kind of backwards compatibility, in spite of its rootings in the Qt framework.

    This may not completely be HERE’s fault, nevertheless. HERE Maps is a system app, and can just be updated with a Gear S firmware update. Thinking about the expenses of upgrading firmware (consisting of carrier approval, needed on the Gear S on all 4 providers), Samsung might not want subjecting an updated HERE Map app to carriers for analysis – – especially on a device that they no longer sell.

    This problem comes as Samsung is racing to enhance adoption for the Gear S2. It was revealed today that Samsung might be working to execute iOS support, similar to Android Wear for iOS. The Gear S2, unlike the Gear S, currently deals with non-Samsung Android phones natively.

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