H2O Wireless Announces New Plans, Effective July 1

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    Back in December AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless launched a promotion that gave both new and old customers double or triple the usual amount of data on its monthly plans. During the promotion:

    • $ 30 plan users got 3 GB of high speed data instead of the usual 1 GB
    • The $ 40 plan included 8 GB instead of 3 GB
    • The $ 50 plan included 10 GB instead of 5 GB
    • The $ 60 plan included 12 GB instead of 6 GB

    The promotion was initially only supposed to last until March 31 but it has been extended multiple times and is currently in effect until June 30. But today an H2O representative announced on Howard Forums that the promotion will not be extended again. In its place will be a new permanent plan structure that, while not as good as the promotional plans, is better than the pre-promotional ones. Starting July 1, H2O will offer the following plans:

    • $ 30 ($ 27.00 with auto pay) – 2 GB high speed data
    • $ 35 ($ 31.50 with auto pay) – 3 GB high speed data (new)
    • $ 40 ($ 36.00 with auto pay) – 6 GB high speed data
    • $ 50 ($ 45.00 with auto pay) – 8 GB high speed data
    • $ 60 ($ 54.00 with auto pay) – 10 GB high speed data

    All plans include unlimited domestic voice and messaging and unlimited 128 kbps throttled data after the first 2 to 10 GB is used as well as unlimited international calls and SMS to over 50 countries. High speed data includes LTE. Plan prices include all fees and H2O only collects taxes from New Jersey residents. H2O uses the AT&T native network. Roaming is not available and tethering or using your phone as a hotspot is not permitted. As with most other AT&T MVNOs, MMS does not work on non-jailbroken iPhones.

    While the new plans aren’t quite as good as the promotional ones, they do beat H20’s AT&T MVNO competition at mist price points. No other AT&T MVNO offers as much as 2 GB of high speed data for $ 30, or 3 GB at $ 35 or 6 GB for $ 40. At higher price points only Straight Talk (8 GB for $ 45 and 12 GB for $ 55) and Cricket (8 GB for $ 50 and unlimited for $ 60) can match or beat H2O.

    For more about H2O and its competition see our Prepaid Operator Profile: H2O Wireless and AT&T and AT&T MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared posts.

    Source: HowardForums

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