Google Adds 4 New Features to Datally

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    Last year, Google introduced a free data-saving app that helped Android users save, control, and understand their data easily. The app, called Datally, has been used by a large number of people ever since it was released. On average, a user gets to save up to 21 percent of mobile data through this app.

    Months after the app was released, Google has announced four new ways users can save more using Datally.

    Guest Mode

    This new feature on the app lets you be in control when a friend or family member decides to borrow your phone. With Guest Mode, you can set the amount of data you can share with another person before you let him borrow your phone. This way, you can stop your loved ones from hogging your data allotment.

    Daily Limit

    Another new feature available on Datally is Daily Limit. With this new feature, you can control the amount of data you use per day. You only need to set a maximum amount of data you are willing to spend per day. As you use your data, you will get warnings whenever you’re about to reach the data limit you have set. After that, you can opt to keep going or block data for day’s remaining hours.

    Unused Apps

    This is a neat new feature offered on Datally. A number of users often find that even though they have closed their apps, it could still be running in the background and using mobile data. With Datally’s new Unused Apps feature, you can see the apps that you are not using but are taking up data without you knowing it. You can then uninstall unused apps so that your phone does not leak data from your device.

    Wi-Fi Map

    The last feature newly added on Datally is called Wi-Fi Map. With this feature, the app shows you all the different Wi-Fi networks that are near your location. Through this, you can switch to using Wi-Fi connection so you can continue surfing the Internet without worrying about how much data you are already consuming. What’s neat about this feature is that you can give the network a rating after you have connected to it.

    If you’re having a difficult time managing your data consumption, maybe it’s time you start using Datally. Head over to the Play Store to learn more about this app.

    Source: Google

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