Finally, There’s an App that Helps You Keep Track of Mobile Data Usage and Save It

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    Among many smartphone users, there’s always a concern on where their mobile data allotment goes. This is particularly common among those who tend to use their mobile data when they’re not at home. Without knowing it, you suddenly can’t seem to go further from the last page you’ve visited and loading the page takes a really long time. In such scenarios, you know that you’ve run out of mobile data. 
    Even if you try your best to keep an eye out on your mobile data usage, it may seem like it’s never enough. You need a tool that can help you safeguard your mobile data from running out when you need it the most. 
    Thankfully, Google has come up with a free app called Datally. And just like its name suggests, it keeps track of your data so you can better understand, control, and save it. 
    For some time now, Google has been testing the app in the Philippines. Throughout its testing, users claimed they were able to save up to 30 percent of their data through the app. Because of this, Google is now making this app available to Android users to try and test out for themselves. If you have a smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher, you can head to the Play Store to download the app. 
    Once you’ve downloaded Datally, you’ll be able to start keeping track of your mobile data so you can understand it better; which is one of the key features of the app. Datally will let you see your data usage via hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Based on this data, the app will send you a personalized recommendation on how you can save more data. 
    Datally also comes with a Data Saver bubble so you can stop background data usage. This feature also lets you track real-time data being used by each of your apps. Think of it as a speedometer for your mobile data. Once the data usage of an app gets out of control, you can block it with one tap. 
    One last feature available on the app is that it will help you save your data. Whenever you’re near an area with public Wi-Fi, Datally will send you an alert and will even help you connect. And as soon as you’re done using the public Wi-Fi connection, you can rate network quality so other users know how good it is. 
    It’s time you take control of your mobile data, thanks to Datally. You can visit the Play Store to download the app and get started in monitoring your mobile data right away.
    Source: Google, XDA-Developers
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