Don’t Miss Out. Three of the Best Prepaid Deals Are Ending New Year’s Eve

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    This post is a heads up that three popular deals are ending along with the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

    MintSIM’s Buy 3 Months 3 Months Free Offer ends December 31

    This is probably the best of the offers ending soon. NewMintSIM customers who buy a 3 month plan on the MintSIM site get six months for the price of three. That’s quite a deal because the three month plans are already heavily discounted for new customers. The deal is:

    • $ 45 for six months of  unlimited talk and text and 2 GB/month of LTE data ($ 7.50/month)
    • $ 60 for six months of  unlimited talk and text and 5 GB/month of LTE data ($ 10/month)
    • $ 75 for six months of  unlimited talk and text and 10 GB/month of LTE data ($ 12.50/month)

    Keep in mind that these deals are only good for the first six months. Renewals are much more expensive.

    • 2 GB: $ 69/3 months ($ 23/month), $ 108/6 months ($ 18/month), $ 180/12 months ($ 15/month) 
    • 5 GB: $ 90/3 months ($ 30/month), $ 144/6 months ($ 24/month), $ 240/12 months ($ 20/month) 
    • 10 GB: $ 114/3 months ($ 38/month), $ 180/6 months ($ 30/month), $ 300/12 months ($ 25/month)

    At least you have six months to think about what you will do when the promotion ends.

    ROK Mobile’s Three Months of Unlimited Everything For $ 99 Offer Ends December 31

    ROK’s deal gives new customers three months of unlimited talk, text and data on your choice of Sprint or “Other CDMA” (Verizon) for $ 99. Customers choosing Sprint also get a free ZTE Prestige Android LTE phone. As will all unlimited plans, ROKs isn’t really unlimited. Video streaming is at 480p and after 20 GB of data use, data speeds nay be temporarily reduced. After the first three months, ROK’s unlimited plan costs $ 45/month on Sprint and $ 50/month on Verizon. The ROK deal is online only.

    MetroPCS’ Four Lines of Unlimited for $ 100 Promotion Rumoured to End December 31

    MetroPCS dealers have reportedly told customers that the T-Mobile sub-brand’s Four Lines of Unlimited for $ 100 promotion will also end 12/31. The end of the deal has not been officially confirmed by MetroPCS, but a carrier not announcing a promo’s end  is not unusual.  The promotion gives customers four lines of Metro’s $ 50/month unlimited talk, text and data pan for $ 100.  Three lines are $ 90, two lines are $ 80. Both new and existing customers are eligible for this promotion, but at least one of four lines must be a new activation. As always, there are limits on the “unlimited data”, video is throttled to 480p quality, hotspot is not allowed and data is subject to deprioritization after 35 GB. An added bonus is that plan prices ase “all-in”, MetroPCS pays all the taxes in all states and localities.

    If you want any if these deals, don’t delay, you have less than a week left to get the savings.

    Image: Pixabay CC0 licensed

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