Cricket Wireless Now Has 9 Million Subs

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    This week has been pretty hectic for wireless network companies as each gave a report on its Q1 2018 earnings. So far, we’ve seen the earnings of companies like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile. The latest to add to this list is AT&T prepaid brand, Cricket Wireless.

    Earlier today, the company unveiled that they had reached their 9 million subscriber mark. The growing number Cricket has earned over the years is a testament that they are doing a good job in attracting customers and keeping them.

    Back in 2014, AT&T acquired the company and shortly relaunched it as Cricket. The company at that time had around 4.5 million subscribers. Ever since then, the prepaid brand acted as a the forefront of AT&T’s brand; all thanks to the exemplary shopping experience it gave to its customers. Not to mention, the company was able to offer excellent plans and pricing options with transparency.

    Three years later, the two brands, Cricket and AT&T PREPAID (previously GoPhone), merged into a single business group called AT&T Prepaid Portfolio. This led them to have a strong performance throughout the year and even earning the group a title of being the fastest-growing prepaid provider. On the same year, Cricket earned the #1 rank on Forrester’s annual US Customer Experience Index Study.

    It’s probably safe to say that if Cricket has 9 million subscribers, AT&T PREPAID has around 5.9 million subs. These numbers make up for AT&T Prepaid Portfolio’s current 14.9 million subscribers, which grew 1.1 million from just a year ago.

    With these earnings, we’re looking forward to what Cricket has in store for the months to come.

    Source: Cricket Wireless

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