Cricket Wireless Ending Free, No-Waiting SIM Unlocks for Unlimited Plan Customers

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    Another day, another negative change at AT&T’s Cricket Wireless. On top of the recent Family Plan price increase, the elimination of the $ 50 8 GB plan and the coming end of Cricket Rewards, Cricket’s device unlocking policy will soon change for the worse.

    Cricket notified its dealers yesterday about the policy change. Effective January 4, 2018, six months of paid service will be required for all unlocks. That’s a change from the current policy which says that customers on Cricket’s $ 60/month Unlimited data plan are eligible for immediate free unlocks, without the six months paid service requirement.

    There is one exception to the new rule, the six months requirement will not apply to phones purchased before January 4, 2018 by unlimited LTE plan customers. That’s a mostly meaningless exception that says that if an Unlimited plan customer bought a phone before Jan 4th, they can still get it unlocked for free after Jan 4.

    Cricket’s will update its Device Unlock Policy webpage on November 20, 2107, adding the following verbage:

      Effective Jan 4, 2018, the 6 months paid service requirement will also apply to Customers on Unlimited plans with to devices purchased on or after January 4, 2018.

      Grandfathered Devices: The 6 months paid service requirement will not apply to Cricket devices purchased by Unlimited Plan customers before January 4, 2018.

    Source: Magic Tech Review

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