Cricket Wireless Brings Down Price of Unlimited 2 Plan to $40/Month

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    Prepaid brands and MVNOs have been battling each other in the hopes of gaining more customers. One way they do this is by announcing different promotions and deals that seem to be too good for their customers. The latest to launch a new promotion is AT&T-owned prepaid brand, Cricket Wireless.

    Earlier today, Cricket Wireless announced that they have reduced the price of their Unlimited 2 plan. Before today’s announcement, this plan cost $ 55 per month. Starting February 16th, however, this plan will be available for only $ 40 per month.

    This $ 40 per month plan gives you unlimited calls, texts, data, and picture messages when making calls to and from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Throughout the U.S., you can also enjoy unlimited data access, texts, calls, and media messages. Plus, you can send unlimited texts from the U.S. to 38 countries. Data speed on this promotional plan is limited to 3 Mbps with video streaming at 1.5 Mbps. Once the allotted 22GB of data is consumed before a billing period is over, the speed will be reduced during times of network congestion.

    The promotion is currently exclusive to new customers who decides to switch to the prepaid brand. If you are one, you will receive a $ 10 monthly bill credit up to a full year for signing up for this promotion. You also have to enroll the plan to AutoPay so you can enjoy the discount.

    If you decide to get four lines under this Unlimited 2 plan, that’ll set you back $ 100 per month. This is all thanks to a promotional campaign that the prepaid brand launched in November.

    The promotion runs from February 16 until April 12.

    Source: Cricket Wireless

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