Cricket Announces 4 Lines of Unlimited for $100, Starting Tomorrow.

  • AT&T’s Cricket Wireless announced today that starting tomorrow, Dec. 1, Cricket customers will be able to get four lines of the $ 55 Unlimited 2 plan for $ 100/month. Currently 4 lines of unlimited 2 costs  $ 170, so if you need 4 lines, this new offer is quite a deal.

    The Unlimited 2 plan includes unlimited talk, messaging and “high speed” data that’s throttled to 3 mbps. Video is throttled to “SD quality” (about 480p) and data is subject to deprioritization after 22 GB. The plan also includes  unlimited Mexican and Canadian, talk, messaging and roaming. Hotspot is not included, but 8 GB of hotspot data can be added  $ 10/month.

    This change comes less than a month after Cricket slashed its group discounts. Prior to Nov 5, Cricket had offered four or five lines of the $ 40 plan for $ 100. Effective November 5 four lines on that plan jumped to $ 110 and 5 lines to $ 130. Cricket’s new Four Lines of Unlimited 2 for $ 100 offer seems designed to match current multi-line promotions from T-Mobile’s MetroPCS and Sprint’s Boost Mobile, both if which offer four lines with “unlimited” data for $ 100.

    Current Cricket customers are eligible for the new Four Lines of Unlimited for $ 100 offer but they must contact customer support and asked to be changed to the new plan. For current customers, the change to the new pricing will happen when their plan renews.

    Cricket’s press release doesn’t mention any changes to the prices of two, three or five lines lines of Unlimited 2. However the screenshot below, which was posted on Reddit and supposedly comes from Cricket’s Hoopla dealer system, shows new discounts on two thru five lines of Unlimited 2:

    Cricket Group Save Screen Capture

    At this moment, only four lines for $ 100 has been officially confirmed,  there’s no guarantee that Cricket will actually offer the other discounts listed above.

    Sources: Cricket, Reddit

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