Charter Sends Out Plan and Pricing Survey for Its Upcoming Wireless Service

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    For a while now, we’ve been hearing about Charter’s plans to follow the footsteps of Comcast by launching its own cell plans. The plan was to put up a new wireless service that would compete against the likes of Xfinity Mobile and would run under Verizon’s network. The company has even went so far as to hiring a former Sprint executive to spearhead this business unit. They have even set a launch date for 2018.

    But as for everything else, Charter has been keeping mum about the developments of this business. Until today, that is, there are reports that Charter has been sending out a survey to its consumers to know how interested they would be in this new wireless product. Known as Spectrum Mobile, we’re getting bits of information about the MVNO service as well as pricing details.

    Based on the survey, Spectrum will be offering a per-GB or unlimited option. The per-GB option could start at $ 12 per month, while the unlimited data plan costs $ 45 per line. It also says that customers will only pay for data that is used up. There are no hidden fees included in the plan.

    The survey was sent out to existing Charter cable and Internet customers. Although the pricing is part of a survey, it could not yet be the final pricing that the MVNO will be offering. But since there are reports that Charter will launch Spectrum Mobile on June 30th, it’s likely that the pricing and plans sent out in the survey could be the service’s final offering.

    If Charter will be following the strategy of Comcast, Spectrum Mobile will initially be offered to its existing Internet service users. Apart from this being an efficient decision, it could also be wise for a brand new MVNO as it has a more easier way to work out the kinks.

    As of this writing, there has been no word on what devices will be compatible with Spectrum Mobile. In theory, however, it should be function with any unlocked smartphone which Verizon is also compatible with. The survey promised that the service will work with “the hottest and most popular phones”. It looks promising.

    Hopefully, Charter unveils more about the service as June 30 nears. 

    Source: Fierce Wireless

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